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  • The National Service  Scheme  was implemented on September 24, 1969, during the Gandhiji's birth centenary, with two objectives: Service with Education and Personality Development with the Education. The project started with 47000 volunteers at 41 universities in the country and today more than 40 lakh volunteers are enrolled in more than 500 universities and directorates. Over 5 lakh volunteers are enrolled in more than 4000 educational institutions in Karnataka.
  • The National Service Scheme is a central government sponsored scheme implemented by the Department of Youth Services and Sports of the Central Government. The National Service Planning Directory of the Government of Karnataka is functioning under the guidance of the Minister of Youth Empowerment and Minister, under the supervision of the Chief Secretaries, Department of Youth Empowerment and Sports, Multi-storied Building, Bangalore. State NSS Officer and Ex-Officio Joint Secretary to the Government, National Service Cell, Youth Empowerment and Sports Department, who is responsible for the National Service Plan Directory. A total of 41 Program Coordinators and 4000 Program Officers in 37 Universities and 04 Directorates in the State are engaged in carrying out the National Service Scheme activities. The central government has targeted 2,78,200 volunteers for Regular Activities and 1,39,100 volunteers for special camps. These programs are fully funded by the Government of India and the National Service Scheme Activities have been implemented according to the 2006 Manual of the Government of India. 89000 Volunteers registered under 890 Self-financing units up to the end of this year. 500000 Volunteers involved in NSS Activities.
  • The state government is granting special grants for the activities of the national project, which is unique in the country. Apart from the central government grant, the state government of Karnataka has raised Rs. 6.44 crores as special grant. State republic parade, State Youth Festival, 10 National integration Camp, Environment Program, Dr. BR Ambedkar, Vivekananda, Mahatma Gandhi's Contemporary Programs, 40 Adventure Camps organized by NSS are the Ideal programme for implementation. The Volunteer Database Scheme is now being implemented.

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